Chaminade Concertino at URI Aug 2014

You TubeLink to performance at Stadium Theater, Woonsocket



                                                                                                        BROWN UNIVERSITY RECITAL APRIL 15, 2007                                                                      


                                                                                                         From prior performances:                                                                                                    

                                     Hummel Sonata in D - Allegro con brio*                                                Muczynski Sonata for Flute and Piano Op. 14*

                                   Hummel Sonata in D - Andante and Rondo*                                                   Recorded in Bad Dürkheim, Germany                                                ____________________________________________________                                                               I. Allegro deciso

                                Carl Reinecke - Sonata for Flute and Piano*                                                                   II. Scherzo

                                   Recorded in Bad Dürkheim, Germany                                                                           III. Andante

                                                        Allegro                                                                                                   IV. Allegro con moto

                                                    Allegro vivace                                                                             ___________________________________

                                          Andante Tranquillo & Finale                                                                         Mozart Sonata in F KV. 13*

                              _______________________________________                                                                  Allegro

                             A Night Piece for Flute and Orchestra - Arthur Foote                                                       Andante                                                           

                              Transcribed for flue and piano by  Elanore Zverov                                                    Minuetto Primo and Secondo

                                                           Irina Tchantceva, piano                                                    _____________________________________


                            Suite de Trois Morceaux - Benjamin Godard*                                                              "Bilitis" - Claude Debussy*

                            Recorded at Phillips Memorial Baptist Church                                              I. Pour Invoquer Pan, Dieu du vent d'été

                                                 Cranston, RI                                                                                       II. Pour un tombeau sans nom

                                                    Allegretto                                                                                          III. Pour que la nuit soit propice

                                                      Idylle                                                                                           IV. Pour la danseuse aux crotales

                                                      Valse                                                                                                    V. Pour l'Égyptienne

                             __________________________________                                                      VI. Pour remercier la pluie au matin   

                                    Music at Bell Street Chapel                                                               ______________________________________                        

                                        Flute, Soprano, Piano



  *Laska Meseck, pianist


Born in Bremerton, WA, Laska Meseck moved to Paris at age  14, and spent most of her professional life in Europe. She studied at the Conservatoire Nationale de Paris with Madame Yvonne Lefébure and with the renowned Swiss pianist Paul Baumgartner. She taught at the State Conservatory of Voralburg and taught piano and chamber music at the Salzburg Mozarteum. Ms. Meseck performed regularly with members of the Vienna Symphony and has made several recordings in Europe of the piano/vocal literature. Ms. Meseck currently resides in Providence and is an acclaimed and sought after accompanist in Southern New England.


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